IGNUS-ERG is a group of professionals working in the area of improving the quality of education from pre-school to secondary levels. Most have been active in the field from 1980s, working together on different projects and programmes in India and elsewhere. The word IGNUS is derived from ‘igneous’ (formed by fire) and ‘ignite’ – to reflect the focus on addressing inequalities in society and the difficulties this presents (ERG = Educational Resource Guild). IGNUS members have extensive experience in the field, on both intensive small-scale efforts as well as a large-scale programs.

Three broad wings of IGNUS have evolved over the years. IGNUS-ERG is the professional consulting wing. IGNUS-PAHAL(‘pahal’ = initiative) is a large teachers’ network with around 10,000 practicing teachers who constantly seek to improve their classrooms and schools. The third wing would be IGNUS-OUTREACH, which intends to develop and disseminate low-cost high quality material for teachers.

IGNUS members are not really recruited in the usual sense but ‘make themselves evident’ by delivering high quality, effective education or teacher training or development activities in difficult circumstances, and displaying the enthusiasm and willingness to share with and empower others.
IGNUS-ERG’s clients include:

  • Governments and government programmes: Government of India, over 20 state governments in India, the governments of Afghanistan and Bangladesh; programmes such as Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Mahila Samakhya, DPEP, Bihar Education Programme, UP-Basic Education Programme, Lok Jumbish
  • INGOs and NGOs: CARE, CRS, NEG-FIRE, Room to Read, CEE, Sarvodaya Ashram, Rajasthan Mahila Kalyan Mandal
  • International bodies: Unicef, Unesco, DFID, EU, USAID, World Bank

Apart from India, IGNUS members have worked in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Laos, Nepal, North Korea (DPR Korea), Sri Lanka, and Tanzania.

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