Who we are

Ignite Minds Foundation (IMF) is committed to children and to inclusive growth. We aim to bring about tangible improvement in the lives of marginalized people through maximizing the reach of education. We train teachers, school administrators and parents and make constant efforts to enhance awareness among all the stakeholders in children’s well-being about progressive practices in education. Currently, we work in the state of Tamil Nadu, India.


What we believe in

  • Children learn concepts better in the language they speak at home. So, ideally, ‘home’ language should be the medium of instruction in pre-primary and primary school years.
  • A child learns better when he/she feels the need to learn. So, for learning to happen in schools and at homes, genuine needs for learning have to be created.
  • Children can achieve a high level of proficiency in English, even as they learn subjects such as Maths, History and Science in their ‘home’ language.
  • For educational practices to become better, we need to deliver ‘change’ rather than outputs such as training modules or inputs such as text books and audio-visual content.


What we do

  • Create awareness among teachers, parents and school administrators about progressive practices in education.
  • Consult for state-run, state-aided and low income private schools towards enhancing learning quality.
  • Conduct pre-school and after-school classes to help children gain conceptual clarity, achieve readiness for exams.
  • Conduct workshops for parents aimed at deepening parent-child bonding.
  • Help schools assess children’s learning levels in tune with the local knowledge systems.
  • Collaborate with publishers for writing global-quality books for children and guides for teachers, school administrators and parents.

Upcoming Programs

Starting after-school classes for poor children to administer a secondary school readiness package (classes 9 and 10). Talks are on with potential collaborators for selecting...


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